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2Cosmetics 3Desired goals 3Lunch 2Monetary 3Credit 2Assembly-line 2United-states 34Reinforcement 2Communication 15Clean 32013 47Birth-control 4Results 5Asked 6Clara 2Very good 12Described 4Nearly 2Regulatory focus theory 3Difficulty 3Nigeria 7Tradition 5Facebook 6Question 11Acid 3Period 24Laws 5Leaders 3Operate 82010 43Served 3Unit 5Academic-degree 7Info 121980 2Course 7Georgia 2Suppliers 2Applied 8Free-trade 2Quarter 3Drawbacks 2Public 12Womens-rights 2Iphone 4Store 3Flavor 22014-2018 2Adolescence 8Master 7Have an effect on 2Uses 3Spanish 2Mother 23Animal 6Cost 92004 9Richard 2Nguyen 2Industry 28Costs 16World-tourism-organization 3Economy-of-the-peoples-republic-of-china 2Athena 3View 3Tobacco-smoking 42014 16Marx 5Tendencies 2Arnold 2Answer 5E-mail 3Try things out 2Limited 2Other folks 3Nonverbal-communication 7Title 5Sept 2012 2Computer game 2College or university 6Death 16Evidence 6Information 30Adequate 2Staff 9Sufferer 4Express 2Cause 9Statistical-significance 2Rape 2Cardiovascular system 2David 5Personas 2Ancient-rome 3Social 16Door 6Riches 2Learners 5Pc 5Introduced 2Traffic 2Aunt 2Shoes 2Large 5Http wikipedia 2Indentured servants 2Teenage-pregnancy 4Promote 2Played 3Understand 5Needed 5Video 9Just 19Health care 4Need 13Christopher-marlowe 2Advertisement 2Velocity 3Gadgets 2United-kingdom 4Romeo juliet 4Each 14Security-guard 3Goal 11Sector 8Earnings 2Purpose 3Hinduism 21982 2Ladies 2Maltreatment 3Personal 9Drink 3Male 4The-lion-king 2Change-management 2Sciences 3Born 6Soft drink 2Amino-acid 2Description 5Audio 3These kinds of 5Java 2Carolina 2Walter 3Moral 2Article 13Endorsements 2Public welfare 2Coconut 2Thomas-jefferson 2Bank account 3Web page 2Cancer 6French-revolution 2Quit 2Desired 2Main 5Audit 4Suffering 4Organizing 4United 12Children 43Assault 2Educational 2Data collection 2________ 2Firms 3Supervision 14Iliad 2Book 18Male or female 6On-line 2Proper rights 2Come 6Child killingilligal baby killing 2Abortions 3Burglary 2Php 2Ratio 2Washington 4Chance 2Economy 10Comes 5Hubermann 2Forget 2Chemical substance 2Dinner 2Expectations 3Grammatical-person 2Overall health 4Expertise 2Domestic 2Hedge-fund 3Profit 5Explained 4Stereotypes 3Television-program 2Behavior 9Middle-ages 4Appearance 5General-motors 3Military 5Boards 2Artist 3Loan 2Cable 2Cars 3Illiterate 2Debate 3Especially 3Greek-mythology 3Dalton 2British 8Pregnancy 13Complications 4Hong kong 2Metaphor 2Desirable 2Employee-benefit 2Compensation 22003 7France 6Reading 7George-orwell 3Amount 8Body system 4Equipment 6Salt 2Extremely 9Sister 2Us citizens 2Talk 5Anthropology 3Property 5Purchase 11Retail banking 2Higher 2Males 2Neighborhood 3Removal 2Personal debt 2Effectiveness 3Main character 2Recognized 2Amino 3Sunshine 2Again 9Depression 3Ideal 4Donald 2American males 2Levels 4Material 2Science 6Themselves 4Suicide 3Know 11Strategic-planning 4Dish 2Healthy 2An additional 2Universal 2Corp 2Foods 2Valor 2Epic 2Beat 3Oxford 2Nelson 2Worldwide 5Make 12Electric-guitar 2College students 9Light 11Religions 2Objective 3Exports 2Great-depression 3Nourishment 4Definition 7Enough 4Which 87Really does 7Parallel 2Caribbean 3Hypertonie 2Bill 6Logic 21991 3Health-economics 4Federal-bureau-of-investigation 2Coach 2Teaching 7Public-health 2Case in point 5Devices 5Economics 19Chest 2Advanced 2Institution 8Producing 2Working-class 5Mark 2Part 12Possess 2Medical 9Viewers 2Identify 3Black-people 8Sources 2Smoke 2Portion 2Evaluation 8Design and style 2Production 8Sound 5Biological 2Partners 2After that 2Pleasure 2Kitchen 398 2Accessed 7Russia 4Avenue 2Built 4Software-engineering 2Bank 12Down 8Signal 2Passed 3Going 8Firm 25William-golding 3Wall street 2Cafe 2Jefferson 3They 112Quality 7Hills 2Review 3Minimum-wage 2Cult 2Approximately 2Affiliates 2Problems 17Friendly 2Inquiries 4Opportunity 2General 5Referred to 2Corner 2The child years 2Develop 4Declares 4Capitol 21984 3Blood 4Football 2Motor 3Real-estate 3Students 22Troops 2Paul 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